Ptarmigan Ski Club

Founded in 1947, our non-profit organization is dedicated to the promotion of skiing, snow boarding, golf, music, and other year-round activities for the education and enjoyment of its members.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost of Membership?
  2. I don't ski, why would I join?
  3. How do I make contact with the club?


• New Membership:  Single = $20  Family = $30   (New Memberships are good for 2 Years - This is a great deal!)
• Yearly Renewal Thereafter:  Single =$16, Family = $26 (Must be Paid by Oct 31 for the Upcoming Season)
• All Members receive our Newsletters Free by Email - To get a Hardcopy via U.S. Postal: Cost $5 per year in addition to your Renewal Cost

If being a member of a club that has a remarkable group of individuals comprising its body and government is not enough, then here are a few more perks to whet your palette:
  • Lift ticket discounts at Blue Mountain, Bear Creek, and more.
  • Ski Parties!
  • Year-round outdoor activities.
  • Club and member sponsored ski trips at great prices!
  • Social events!
  • Monthly meetings September through March with programs, beer, soda, & munchies!
  • Special deals from local businesses.
    • Becker Subaru
    • Local businesses/sports shops discounts
    Who doesn't? Actually, people from all walks of life are members. The club's history bridges several generations, a multitude of cultural and career backgrounds, and a plethora of skiing and sporting experience from novice to expert (and all the way up to Supreme-All-Knowing-Grand-Pubah-Guru-of-The-Snow-Turf-and-Road!)

    The Ptarmigan Ski Club (although the name may be deceiving), is actually a year-round club for activities and parties. The Board spends late winter/early spring planning events post-skiing to provide all its members with a great outlet for socializing, friendly competition, and staying fit!
    Activities are not limited to the tried & true staples of summer outdoor sports, (volleyball, hiking, cycling). Since the Board is comprised of varied individuals who bring diversity to the idea-pool, new and inspiring activities are constantly being considered and have proven very successful in year's past.
    Among others there are the annual Road Rally, baseball game outings, monthly bike rides and hikes, Dinner & Movie, day trips to NYC or Philly for theatre/shows, etc.

    We not only keep our members happy with organized events and social mixers, but also reach out to the community and support other groups and charity.

    There are several ways you can reach out to us, depending on what results you would like.
    Happy Hours are a great social environment to meet club members...but if it's overwhelming to come to the designated meeting places (BARS!) on your own, then...

    Questions you may have about Trips/Events can be addressed through this website and the flyers available on the 
    Events and Trips pages.

    If you want specifics, you can contact any of the club officers 
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