Book Club


A Ptarmigan Ski Club Coed Book Group

*Our goal is to read and discuss books in a fun atmosphere.

Mary Laronge              610-737-2349

Ronnie Rother           610-657-6267

Welcome, reader!
Please note that your commitment to this group is as you wish. 
Join us every month or once in a while. 
One book is discussed each month, the third Wednesday of the month.  Discussions begin promptly at 6:30 PM and end promptly at 8 PM.
Meetings are held at Mary’s or Ronnie’s house. 

It is a BYOB (bring your own beverage) and a BYOF (bring your own food), if you wish.

You are invited to enjoy this event from 6:15 through 8:30 PM.


I.   THE BOOK DISCUSSION     (60 to 70 minutes)

You are more than welcomed to join our readers’ circle… even if you have not read the book or have not finished the book (not everyone can finish every book and nonreaders have valuable insights to contribute!).   A designated person will lead the discussion.  After a quick thumbs up/thumbs down assessment of the book at the start, a discussion on the current book will commence.  At times, questions gathered from an Internet source will help guide our discussions and/or a more casual flow of conversation will guide us.  After everyone feels the book has been thoroughly discussed, a new book will be selected for the following month. 

II.   SELECTING a NEW BOOK for the NEXT MONTH     (10 to 20 minutes)

Anyone in attendance may suggest a book.  Please come prepared to share a book’s title, author, and a brief description of the book, if you wish.  However, please be sure the book you are suggesting is in print, no more than 500 pages in length, and has at least a four-star or higher rating.  If there are five or more books suggested, then (after a brief summary of each book) this number will be narrowed down to two or three titles by vote.  Of these books, the one receiving the highest number of votes during the next voting will be the next month’s book.  Books that are not chosen during a given voting process may be proposed again at a later point.  The next leader for the next book and the next meeting’s location will be noted. 


A notice for the next chosen book will be forwarded to PSC members and posted on the website   (within three days after the last discussion meeting).



Everyone is welcomed to lead a discussion.  Perhaps you would like to lead the group in discussing a book you suggested, one in which you have a particular interest, one that you have knowledge with the particular topic/plot/author, etc.  Please see Mary and/or Ronnie to secure a date to facilitate a discussion.  When there are no volunteers, Mary or Ronnie will conduct the meeting.



~A few side conversations are fine, however, please be respectful to the facilitator, the person presently speaking, time restraint, and to others who came to the meeting hoping to hear as much as possible about the book.  As we know…when more than one person speaks at a time, it becomes distractible to others.  (This is becoming more and more important since our attendance is growing.) Also, please refrain from dominating the discussions, speaking/commenting off topic, or not taking the discussion seriously.     

~In addition, we realize there are millions of possible ways to discuss a book and that for many of us one hour of discussion may not be sufficient.  So, go ahead…talk it up!  Enjoy!   BUT, please be sure that if you find your enthusiasm for a book has you discussing it prior to its formal discussion date, you are doing so with someone who wishes to do so.  And, no spoiler alerts!  Be cautious of whom might be within earshot!


At this time, this is our criteria.  Please be sure the book is:

               ~in print and readily available

               ~no more than 500 pages

               ~ a 4 star or higher rated book

               ~one that most members have not already enjoyed

In addition, in your opinion, the book you wish to suggest is one that will:

               ~lend itself to an in-depth discussion

               ~be of interest to both sexes

Fiction and non-fiction discussion questions.

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Books Read So Far (Since Oct, 2015)

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