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Ptarmigan Ski Club

Club Officers, Board Members and Affiliations


President:  Phil Hublitz 484-809-4102

Vice President:  Jeanne Weiser 610-844-2590

Treasurer:  Kathy Seufert 610-393-7324

Membership Secretary:  Mary Laronge 610-737-2349 


Recording Secretary:  Gwen White 610-349-2426

Board Members

Past President:  Mary Ann Bedics 610-868-8008

Elected:  Bill Ortner 610-799-2549

Elected:  Joyce Gilmore 610-683-6593

Elected:  Ronnie Rother 610-657-6267

Appointed:  Joe Reilly 610-737-8133

Appointed:  Tim White 215-679-3665

Appointed:  Lisa Rufo 610-435-9873

Committees and Contributors

Newsletter Editor:  Bill Ortner 610-799-2549

Webmaster:  Ronnie Rother 610-657-6267

Blue Mt. Vouchers:  Dale Gogel 610-767-1546


Club Affiliations

Eastern PA Ski Council:   Tom Weiser 610-462-5847

Special Olympics:  Dale Gogel 610-767-1546 

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